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A young teenager experienced what being a care flight patient feels like, a man leads police on a high-speed chase through two counties, and Covid-19 cases increase as protests continue. Hey guys, its Ilana Menges from The World Rundown. I’m going to tell you about those stories and more, plus why activists are getting more upset as the protests against racism continue.


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And now, the news.

In the Piqua (PICK-wa) area an accident was reported involving one victim for whom care flight was requested. The seventeen-year-old was transported by care flight to a Dayton hospital.

According to reports from W-D-T-N News, at 2:55 a.m. this morning, Piqua police, fire, and medics were called to the three hundred block of Glenwood Avenue where a driver allegedly swerved in an attempt to avoid hitting an animal. The young driver then collided head-on with a parked SUV. Injuries were described as serious, but non-life threatening. Police are continuing to investigate the crash while the young victim remains hospitalized in serious but stable condition.


Also reported by W-D-T-N News at 2 a.m. this morning, Greenville officers were dispatched to another scene involving a high-speed chase resulting in the arrest of the male driver. That driver is now being detained and is facing charges related to the pursuit. A passenger in the vehicle was also arrested but later released.

According to initial reports, officers observed a Chrysler three-hundred speeding near the intersection of East Water and Boston Streets. The officer attempted to complete a traffic stop, however the driver of that vehicle failed to cooperate leading to the high-speed chase.

The driver led officers throughout residential neighborhoods and streets, ultimately requiring assistance from Darke County Sheriff Deputies. The pursuit ended on State Route 49 North outside of the Greenville City limits near Bean Blossom Road. The incident continues to be investigated by police officers.


In other news, protests have been continuing across much of the country since the death of George Floyd. Not only have protesters been disputing Floyd’s death, they have also spoken up about the death of two other African American men, Rayshard Brooks of Atlanta and Robert Fuller of Los Angeles (an-gel-es).

Twenty-seven-year-old Brooks was reportedly shot by an officer while fleeing from a struggle at a Wendy’s drive-thru. Police deployed a stun gun on Brooks after failing a sobriety test. This caused the officer and Brooks to struggle, eventually ending in the shooting death of Brooks. According to USA Today, the confusion and controversy of the situation eventually got to the Atlanta police chief Erika Shields resulting in her resignation.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles (an-gel-es), twenty four-year-old Robert Fuller was found dead hanging from a tree near City Hall in Palmdale. Although the local officials originally described the scene as a suicide, crowds are demanding authorities to investigate more thoroughly.


            With the rise in protests and riots in response to police brutality, complaints of racism from actors and entertainers made in social media or while working on set, are being brought to the forefront. Action is being swiftly taken to remove the offenders from their shows and in some instances, bringing their careers to a grinding halt. According to Gamespot, Hartley Sawyer was fired from the CW’s show The Flash for posting a tweet in 2012 saying, quote “The only thing keeping me from doing mildly racist tweets is the knowledge that Al Sharpton would never stop complaining about me.” End quote.

            The CW put out a statement explaining their lack of tolerance for quote “remarks which are antithetical to our values and policies.” End quote. Sawyer has since apologized but is not receiving any sympathy from protesters and fans.


            Turning now to the latest news on the Covid-19 Crisis, as Covid-19 restrictions and quarantines recede, people are beginning to come out of their homes and returning to their normal, everyday lives. However reports from The Washington Post say, twenty-one states have seen an increase in cases in the past week since restrictions have been lifted. In the last seven days Alabama, Oregon, and South Carolina have all shown slight increases, with Arkansas going from ninety-two to one-hundred three hospitalizations. Authorities and medical experts have warned that mass gatherings such as elections and nationwide protests are a major reason why new coronavirus cases continue to increase. Some experts agree that cases have also increased as more and more people are being tested for the virus.   



This episode of The World Rundown by Ilana Menges has been sponsored by Excedrin, the number one name in headache medicine. The World Rundown is written, produced, and presented by Ilana Menges. No part of this podcast can be rebroadcast without the express, written consent of Ilana Menges. Until next time, remember any day can be an important day for news, and The World Rundown will be here to report it to you.

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