Sinclair Healthcare Graduates experience Life on the Frontlines

On the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic are hardworking healthcare workers fighting for the safety and care of their patients who walk through the doors of their facilities. These workers are put through grueling hours and are required to follow endless rules to protect themselves as well as others.

Many of these workers in the Dayton area are graduates from Sinclair Community College. As full-time healthcare workers, Sinclair’s healthcare graduates are experiencing the brutal yet rewarding life on the frontlines of this pandemic.

“Before COVID, the goal would be to make a patient happy,” said Rashel Green, a Meijer pharmacy technician and graduate of Sinclair, “Now there is much more a sense of urgency as patients are on edge waiting for prescriptions.”

As a frontline worker, Green is able to see upfront what effects COVID-19 is making in society. According to Green, people are becoming more impatient and uneasy when required to wait and touch anything, even an item as simple as an ink pen.

Another frontline worker and Sinclair graduate, Kim McCutchen, has experienced similar issues while working at Dayton Children’s Hospital. Her main concern is whether people are taking the rules for government-mandated masks seriously and if masks interfere with her job as a nurse. 

Yet another issue is interacting with patients.

“Kids tend to be a little more scared,” said McCutchen. “They don’t understand why they can’t see your face.” 

McCutchen believes that while working with her patients, it is her duty to wear a mask to help defend our country from this raging virus.

Although these are unfortunate side effects that come with the career as a healthcare worker, there are also positives. Healthcare workers are privileged to continue working when many other individuals have lost their jobs. They are also able to see what is happening on the frontlines and attempt to spread awareness and still safely serve their patients.

Both of these women are facing the difficulties of working on the frontlines. Although it is challenging and painstaking to do their jobs, they are fully willing to continue working and caring for people during this pandemic. 

For the community of Dayton, these frontline workers are a vital necessity.

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